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            Contact Us

            Ningbo Zhenhai Fin cc直播吧
            Address:118 ZhenNingXi Road, Zhenhai District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, 315221 China
            Contact:Mr. Eric Zhou
            Fax: 86-574-86303390
            Zip code:315221


            Ningbo Zhenhai Fin cc直播吧. is an established company with over 10 years, much experience in hydraulics industry, providing hydraulic components and machinery parts. Finotek supplies most hydraulic equipment, hydraulic valves, power packs, related hydraulic components, in addition to being a major supplier for several international companies in hydraulic and machinery fields.Established in 2006, we have been developing ourselves to close customer relationships with our exceptional service and qualified products. What we are supplying products including: Manifold, Valve, System, Power Unit, Power Pack, Equipment, Tools. We are offering a quick response to all our clients' requirements in many industries fields which covered: Industry Mobile Applications, Agricultural And Forestry Machinery, Construction Machinery, Food Industry, Lifting, Marine, Machinery, Mining, Offshore, Plastics Machinery, Processing Machinery, Railways, Renewable Wind Energy, Transport Distribution Industry, Etc.

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            TEL: +86-574-86303380  E-mail: sales@com.cn

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